It’s one of the most popular beverage in the world, and we all love it. And why shouldn’t we, it has a great taste and it even has some health benefits. It’s proven that coffee has positive effects on our health if not taken in large quantities.

Where do we make the mistake and make coffee have negative impact on our body?

No matter whether you prefer with foam or sugar, usually coffee comes after breakfast. Later in the day, we drink a couple more irrespective of how many meals we have or what’s their nutrition value.

Coffee before breakfast can have a negative impact on our health. This not just goes for the “caffeine shock” if you go too far.

Research show the negative effects of this beverage if you take it on an empty stomach. Caffeine increases the levels of hydrochloric acid within our stomachs and digestive tract.

If you drink coffee on an empty stomach from time to time, this habit does not have to be bad. If you are doing it constantly you are risking of getting ulcer, digestive tract irritation or in the worst case scenario – cancer.

Another effect from having a coffee without any sufficient meal is gas or cramps. Nobody needs these in the middle of an important meeting during the day. Unfortunately these are the consequence if we have coffee in the morning without any food.

What’s best to do and the right time to have your coffee.

It’s advised to start the day with a sandwich or fruit. If you don’t have sufficient time to have that morning meal, try adding small amounts of milk or butter in the coffee. Your stomach will still have a benefit from this.