Soon comes that time of the year when everybody gets all excited about the sunny summer days so we start exercising to get fit, try out diets and get in shape – all just to look fabulous on the beach.

Your body needs attention and care throughout the whole year, but that’s a different and large topic. So today we’ll stick to bizarre treatments we sometimes undertake just so we can look vibrant on the beach.

Homemade face treatments, peeling and creams are ok. But to make a decision and decide to make your own homemade sun screen is definitely taking a risk.

Knowing the dangers exposing the skin to the sun without any sun protection, there are lot of people which try and prepare their own sun protection product at home.

Why is this happening?

The general idea is to satisfy the desire for products without chemicals to be used. This is due to the fact there are lots of products on the market with dangerous synthetic ingredients in them.

The homemade sun protection mixture is usually made using: plant oils, zinc, titanium dioxide as means of protection. But irrespective of the information you’ve obtained from the internet, the homemade sun protection mixture will not provide sufficient protection.

Plant oils are not sun filters and an additional problem is the longevity.

The professional made sun screens have special ingredients which help the cream suspend and lay the necessary sun filters. Additionally these are tested in professional laboratories.

The homemade mixtures are usually not harmful and they can even soothe the skin. But in a best case scenario they’ll only help you get that chocolate tan faster.

But their protection level is not tested and they are not water proof. Even though based on the ingredients they may sound like they are the right choice, but they are not a proven means of protection against the sun.

If you have doubts, remember that protection from the sun is a contributor to your health. Skin cancer is not a joke – you need the right formula which has undergone through serious testing for UVA and UVB protection.

You need to be sure that you are getting sufficient protection and this is not something you should experiment with.

As it was stated above, homemade mixtures have problems with longevity as they are not water resistant and wear off easily.