An increasing number of people deny meat and animal products, while dining choices for vegetarians and vegans in restaurants are growing. But what would happen if you completely gave up vegetarian ideals and would eat meat continuously?

Briefly speaking, our body would wither.

A diet that involves only meat means that you would not consume fiber-rich groceries, which would initially lead to constipation – which is the slightest of all side effects.

If you do not eat high-carbohydrate foods, you would give up the main sources of energy. For this reason, the body will decompose fat and the most important proteins, which would cause additional problems.

There will be protein poisoning, disorders with unpleasant symptoms, such as weakness, diarrhea, or even death. It would all come about as a consequence of the collection of urea that is produced in the liver when converting the proteins into glucose.

For example, rabbit meat does not have much fat, therefore the organism begins to burn its own deposits. It has been noticed that a diet that includes only rabbit meat can lead to death equally as starvation.

Or they could get scurvy because vitamin C is the only vitamin that the human body cannot produce by itself.

One of the ways we could prevent some of the symptoms is to consume raw meat, which would avoid the destruction of vitamin C during cooking. But that would lead to many bacterial infections.

In other words, if you ever fall into the mind to abandon all foods other than meat – do not do it.