Cosmetic surgeon from London, doctor Janis Alexandries discovered the reasons why acne suddenly overflow certain regions on the face.

Upper part of the face

Acne show up above the eye brows, cheeks and nose as a result of excessive production of oil from the skin, but sweat as well. This is affected by the hair products and bad nutrition as well.

Lower part of the face

Acne in the lower part of the cheeks, jaw and chin can be the result of irritation, but hormonal disruption as well. Using your cell phone can create a bacteria which will spread on your face.

Face area

Acne throughout your whole face can be influenced by environmental factors, nutrition and bacterial imbalance.

How to get rid of acne

Cleansing and pilling are the key to prevention. But this does not mean you should clean your face only at night. The face should be nurtured in the morning and at night in order for the dirt to be removed. It is advised that makeup is cleaned immediately because the longer it stays on the face the more it’s exposed to dirt and the skin becomes problematic.

Another way to treat problematic skin is light therapy. This therapy targets the problematic areas of the face and is a combination of blue and red light. The blue tends to break the acne, whilst the red is to reduce inflammation. Additionally you should treat your skin with antioxidants in order to preserve it better.