Calories are counted and not just when we ingest them, but when we use them up. So how much calories do we burn when we do certain exercises. You sure have your specifically tailored routine which you follow. And while you do this, you are proud when you finish your predetermined running distance, or when you take a walk on a fresh air. But do you actually know how many calories you burn with your routine.

Experts have made a list of exercises and time to burn 300 calories.
  1. Kettle bell exercise – 15 minutes
  2. Rope activity – 25 minutes
  3. Swimming – 31 minute
  4. Running and cycling – 34 minutes
  5. Skiing – 42 minutes
  6. Static bicycle – 44 minutes
  7. Hiking – 47 minutes
  8. Rowing – 48 minutes
  9. Aerobic – 48 minutes
  10. Tennis – 50 minutes
  11. Stepper – 58 minutes
  12. Yoga – 67 minutes
  13. Walk – 74 minutes
  14. Lifting weights – 90 minutes
  15. Pilates – 125 minutes
Since you have the list, you can do the math

You can always make the calculations in your head, but pay attention to the calories intake. As you can notice it’s not really easy to burn them. Try to find the best balance between calorie intake and exercises. If it seems you are eating more than your body actually needs try to either cut down on quantity or increase the exercise regime.