Researchers suggest that this clothing should be avoided or at least worn when it’s absolutely necessary. For women, there is nothing better than coming home from a long day of work and getting rid of their bra. But, a lot of women continue to wear their bra even after work during the whole day, thinking that they’ll preserve their breasts firm and with great shape.

Scientists say there is no valid reason for doing this

Professors say that the bra won’t make women’s breasts from losing their shape over time. According to their studies, wearing a bra non-stop can have a negative effect on women’s breasts. It can affect their development as well.

In a study with 330 participants aged 18 to 35, have measured their breasts for 15 years. Results have shown that women who didn’t wear a bra, registered development of round 7 mm a year. Their breasts have been firmer compared to women which have worn bra day and night. So not only it affects the growth of the breast tissue but it can also significantly increase the chances of the breasts sagging in the later stages of the person’s lifetime.

Pros vs cons

The benefits of wearing a bra are pretty obvious. Wearing a bra minimised the movement of the breasts which in turn reduces and discomfort or pain which can occur as a result of this. Another benefit is that wearing a specific bra can provide a smoother look.

But from the above said, the cons outweigh the pros. The negative effects of wearing a bra are much greater than the actual benefits you get.

It’s not possible to completely write off wearing a bra, but you should bear in mind the negative effects of it, and try to minimise their usage. At least try to wear one when absolutely necessary.