The story about this woman was hidden by the Food and drug administration, also the American Medical association. Anyone who has tried to go public or have a public meeting to let other people know and be aware of the powerful vitamin B17 was arrested and books were confiscated.

Any try to stuff it in a theory by the doctors have been prosecuted.

What was the case about?

A woman was fighting cancer for about 2 years. According to her words, fighting cancer is something you need to take into your hands if you want to cure or and save your life.

A lot of research is needed and a good start is “World without Cancer” which is a book written by Edward Griffin. What was the story about B17.

This woman has used Vitamin B17 when her cancer state when into remission. But, when she steered away, the cancer came back.

The concentrated form of apricot kernels is the essence of Vitamin B17. Should this be taken in the right dose, It cannot be dangerous. This is something she tried on her own refusing chemotherapy in the way. After 8 weeks steering away from conventional treatments, she started using the vitamin again.

One of the reasons for its ban was because of the risk of cyanide poisoning. This did not frighten the woman.

She used 500mg twice a day for 2 and a half months. The therapy has managed to wipe out 5 tumors, thus saving her own life.