Chinese expert say this method is 100% effective and can really help you save someone from a brain stroke.

This is an unbelievable and unconventional way to save someone’s life.

When a person suffers from a brain stroke, you brain is not getting enough oxygen and the brain cells start to die. For this condition you’ll need an emergency help.

Here’s a couple of suggestions how you might save someone

It’s essential not to move the person who has suffered from a brain stroke.

It’s best to use medicinal needle, but if you don’t have that kind at the give moment, a regular one will do.

If you are using a regular needle, sterilize it (hold it under fire before using it). When the needle becomes sterilized poke all 10 fingers beneath the nails.

If there is not blood, press on the spot and press harder so blood starts flowing.

Once you are finished will all 10 fingers and blood has started to flow from each one of them, you’ll see that the patient is getting back to normal.

Massage the ears until they become red so you improve circulation.

Wait for the patient to stabilize and get him to a hospital.

Don’t make the patient to sit by force, as that will cause his blood pressure to fall. It’s better for him to be in a lying down position.

This is a traditional Chinese method which has been used for years. The experts say it’s 100% efficient and you can really save someone’s life.

The brain stroke is the 2nd most deadly cause of death in the world. Remember this method, because you never know who might need you in certain times.