This intensive diet is very efficient. It is intended for people with extremely busy schedule which are limited and cannot focus and devote time on regular workout. Yet, they still have the need to lose weight because of their life style.

Apart from losing a few extra pounds, this diet would flatten your stomach and detoxify your body in the process. All this happening in 24 hours.

The detoxification process and the essence concentrates on juices, tea and smoothies. These will help you detoxify your body very efficiently.

The plan

8 am – A glass of lukewarm water with added lemon juice in it.

10am – A glass of water with orange and apple juice added.

12am – A cup of green tea, which is proven to fight extra pound.

1pm – A glass of cold water with extra carrot juice

3pm – A cup of tea by your own preference

5pm – Natural juice with flavour by your own preference.

7pm – Another cup of green tea

9pm – A glass of water with added grapefruit juice

10pm – The process is ended the same way it started. With lukewarm water with added lemon juice.

It is important you steer clear of artificial sweeteners in any of the beverages as they’ll ruin the efficiency of the diet.

Give it a go, it’s an intensive diet but it will completely cleanse your body of toxins and boost your energy levels in the process.