Stress symptoms can be quite bad. Headaches, digest difficulties, insomnia and anxiety are just some of the situations which you can resolve in just a couple of minutes, with only applying pressure to a specific point.

Stress is a very common occurence. Part of the people experience it every day. Besides anxiety there are numerous physical symptoms such as headaches, loss of energy, compromised immune system even digesting difficulties.

There is a chinese method of treatment known as acupressure  which brings the fact that there are certain points on the human body which, if stimulated release the stress and tension of the body.

One of these points is called “Shen Men” which in translation means “Door to heaven”.

Applying pressure to this anti-stress point reduces stress, strengthens the immune systems and energizes. The pressure point is located on the inside upper part of the ear. Massaging this spot activates it.

Here’s how to massage the “Shen Men” point to relax the body.

  • With cotton swabs apply pressure on the point and gently massage it.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly.
  • When exhailing look to the left while inhailing look to the right without turning your head.
  • Gradually you will feel your body loosen up, while at the same time the stress symptoms would dissipate.


  • Massage the pressure point with the tips of the fingers as well.
  • Apply pressure to this point everytime you feel you are under pressure.
  • It’s best to repeat this procedure every day before sleep.