We all strive to resist the temptation of eating what we really want and instead try to consume as much healthy and useful food as possible. As this is the essential part in preserving our health it’s only logical to do so. When it comes to curcuma, there are lots of positive things to mention.

A woman from Great Britain started experimenting with curcuma. She started to add curcuma to warm water and drink it every morning. It was not a while since she started noticing the benefits of the experiment. Her digestion improved, the skin on her face cleansed and the overall morning wake up got much easier.


½ a spoon of curcuma, and 1 glass of warm water

Put the curcuma in the water and mix thoroughly. It’s best to consume early in the morning, before breakfast. Drink it 2 weeks straight and then pause for 2 weeks. After that you can repeat the procedure.

How does it affect our body?
  • Curcuma prevents the formation of thrombosis.
  • It improves the digestive system, stabilizes it and boost your metabolism
  • It cleanses the liver and repairs damaged cells
  • It’s also used as a means of cancer prevention, as it alkalizes the organism
  • It reduces the symptoms of arthritis and reduces swelling as well

Curcuma is not advised to be consumed by children below 5 years and during pregnancy. Also if you have ulcer it’s not advised to consume it.