Every second worker is suffering from professional stress, whereas more than 70% of the workers feel the direct consequences of this stress on their health.

If you feel like you are constantly tired, anxious or sensitive and you feel sick, then be in no doubt, it’s professional stress in question. A lot of people are not even aware about this condition, which is very frequently caused by unhealthy environment, poorly lit offices, bad ventilation systems and unpleasant colleagues with bad relations among them.

The solution is possible, but you must define yourselves up to what point you want to go.

Firstly relieve yourself from irrational expectations, whether you set them yourselves or are being set by your superiors. Be considerate for your colleagues, but you need to learn to say no as well. Every worker who is working adequately by how much are they paid for their working tasks does not suffer by this condition. It’s better not to take too much tasks as it’s very likely it will pass unnoticed or even the people will be ungrateful.

You should appreciate yourself and your time. Show some attitude and don’t be available all the time. You should respect your working rights. With good organizational skills you’ll be able to execute your tasks and have some free time for yourselves as well.

What to do?

The most important thing in the whole situation is to keep your private life separated from your professional life. This means, when you are at home, you can forget about work, but on the other hand, when you are at work try to stay focused and devoted so you can finish your whole working day professionally.

Stress is the greatest enemy of people in modern times, and its effect on our overall health is very harmful. Short term stress is not harmful and can even have some positive benefits. However long term stress is very harmful and can compromise our overall health.