For sure you have heard experts say “You need to walk 10 000 steps a day in order for you to preserve your health”. If this seems like a lot, then this article will cheer you up.

We are living at times where almost anyone can measure his or her distance daily with ease. There are many ways you can count the number of steps you make and keep track. This increases the motivation and eases up getting to your desired target.

But how many steps a day are needed?

Newest study which was conducted by JAMA Internal Medicine, followed the steps of 17 000 older women in the period of 4 years.

It was shown that those women who succeed in walking 4.400 steps a day, which is a target much lower than those 10 000, have 41 percent lower death rate when compared to those that do 2.700 steps.

Of course, the rule is the more steps the better. The greatest effect is achieved when doing 7.500 steps.

Scientists who are behind this study mentioned it’s not clear when the story for 10 000 steps originates, but it’s possible the culprit might be a Japanese step counter which is called Manpo-Kei which means in literal translation “10 000 steps counter”.

Bottom line?

Experts say in order for you to preserve your health, 4.400 steps a day is enough. If you can or are able to do more you are welcome to do so. You wouldn’t even have to walk fast, it’s enough you do round 100 steps a minute. That way in less than an hour you’ll have reached your target.

As our health is the most important, it’s advised you try and get your daily exercise or daily target you set around this. Hopefully this article will help you set your bar not too high nor too low.