The first that comes to mind when you hear vitamin C is, of course- an orange. Really, they deserve that image because it’s true, they are full with vitamin C. An average orange contains  about 50 grams of vitamin C.

If you have in mind that the recommended daily dose of vitamin C for a grown up person is 75 mg, then consuming only two oranges a day can help you take in even more than the necessary dose.

Nevertheless, there are fruits and vegetables that consist of vitamin C, more than the oranges.

Red peppers

Red peppers are usually used raw, in salads. And that is the best way to get the most of their power.

A cup of sliced red peppers has 231 mg vitamin C.


It’s no newsflash that broccoli is a super-food. The broccoli abounds with many types of vitamins and minerals and it is a great way to keep your health.


The irresistible strawberries are not only delicious, but unbelievable healthy and contain low level of calories.

Have a cup, fill it with strawberries and you will digest 85mg vitamin C.


 Kiwi also beat oranges when it comes to vitamin. This sourly, green fruit with black seeds can be bought all year long and you should never leave it out.

A kiwi consists of 64mg vitamin C, and a full cup of sliced kiwi has even 167mg


This tropical fruit is also called “angels’ fruit”. It is a great source of vitamin C and a guardian angel of the digestive health.

A small papaya consists 96 mg vitamin C.


In the last few years the kale started being involved in many nutritionist’s diets. The vegetable is listed as a superhero in preventing many diseases.

A cup of cut kale will give you 80mg of vitamin C.

Brussels sprout

 Brussels sprout does not taste so good, but its nutritive value should motivate you to use it more regularly in your meals. Except for being full of vitamin C, it also contains an extremely high level of vitamin K.

A cup of Brussels sprout includes 75mg vitamin C.