Healthy and balanced eating at work is difficult for many. Limited break times, fast lifestyles are the reasons why people choose fast food full of fat and calories.

The Guardian released a list of tips, including: “Choose your food carefully, do not eat on the desk and try to burn calories right away.”

Prepare your own lunch

It’s easier and you know what you eat. You can use leftover food for a cold salad dinner, says nutritionist Gillian Kiliner.

“Ready-to-eat food from the store should be the last thing you can buy.”

Don’t eat at the desk

Find a place to have your lunch at peace, if possible, outdoors. If you eat at your desk, you are not leaving work and not focusing on your meal.

Immediately burn calories

If the break lasts for half an hour, you also have time for a short workout. Don’t skip a break in the office, take a stroll or do some easy movement exercises.

 Intake fluid

It is healthier to drink water, but more often in smaller quantities.

“Too much fluid after a meal can lead to bloating. Drink half a liter of water 30 minutes before lunch. This will reduce hunger and you will eat less food. It is recommended to drink up to 250 milliliters of meal water, “Gillian warns.

Avoid carbohydrate rich foods

 Fatigue after a meal is due to the type of food you eat. Many carbohydrates will increase your desire for slumber.

“Choose fish, wholegrain rice or vegetables for lunch,” advises the nutritionist.