Human circulatory system is one of the most complex systems on Earth, but ordinary people know too little about it. Its job is crucial to the proper functioning of the body so it cannot hurt you if you find out a few facts about it.

Interesting facts

It takes 1.120 million mosquitoes to squeeze whole blood from one human body.

The human body can function without a pulse. In 2012, a 55-year-old Craig Lewis was equipped with a device that allowed him blood circulation, although he did not have a pulse.

Stan Larkin lived for 555 days without heart, while waiting for the transplant. His heart was replaced by a device that Stan wore in a backpack.

A human can lose up to 40% of blood and stay alive. Certainly, a transfusion will be needed to remain alive.

Before blood groups were discovered, doctors experimented with blood transfusions between humans and animals.

21% of all heart attacks occur on Monday. Scientists believe that the cause of this is an overwhelming amount of stress hormones at the start of the working week.

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To reduce your risk of heart attack, you need to get up slowly in the morning and reduce the intensity of the evening training.

Coconut water can replace blood plasma thanks to similar components between the two fluids.

The blood group may be the cause of divorce. Scientists have found that there is a link between the blood group and the percentage of divorces. Couples whose marriages persist are usually a null blood type, and the ones most commonly divorced are the combination A + AB and A + 0.

Energy drinks change the way the heart works. It has been scientifically proven that in energy drinks, the amount of caffeine is up to three times higher than in other caffeinated beverages like coffee or Coca Cola. They affect heartbeat and can cause heart attack or death.

A blood group diet does not work. The University of Toronto conducted trials that proved that a special diet based on a blood group is actually a myth.