Sneezing is one of the defence mechanisms of our bodies. With this, it manages to get rid of the bacteria and viruses within the nose.


When the nose gets irritated or the throat we sneeze. In some cases sneezing can be very persistent and can get tiring, but it’s not a sign of a serious problem.

Sneezing is cause by:

  • Allergies (mold, dust, pollen)
  • If you have the flu or caught a cold
  • Sensitivity to certain medications
  • Air pollution, spicy foods, emotions

The process

When we sneeze, the air through the nostrils flows with 100 miles an hour. If the sneezing is interrupted, that pressure is pushed to other part of the body. This can affect the other organs. It’s a strong reflex and can damage the ear membrane and increase the pressure behind the eye balls. This in turn can damage the capillaries in the eyes, says New York doctor Erich Voigt.

The dangers

If you manage to interrupt the sneezing you are endangering your body. You can lose your hearing, and get strong headaches and vertigo.

Also, interrupting the sneezing process can damage your diaphragm, and in some cases you can have a brain stroke which is fatal.