Running outdoors is great for the health, but there are situations when it is better to run on a treadmill in an air-conditioned room. Here’s what it is best to run on a lane:

  1. When it is too hot outside

In summer, outdoor running is recommended if the temperature is up to 26-32 ° C, but this should be brief. Above that, it is better to run on a lane in a closed air-conditioned room. That way the chances of dehydration or heat stroke will be nearly impossible. Exercise, especially outdoor exercise, is also not recommended if you are not well hydrated.

  • When you start training after injury treatment

One of the great benefits of running a tape is that its soft surface exposes the joints to less force. Many treadmill manufacturers design them to absorb shock at every turn, which is extremely useful as it reduces the risk of injury.

Running a lane also means that you don’t have to worry about avoiding branches, rocks, cars, or people – which helps to reduce stress.
  • When you need motivation for running at high intensity intervals

In the open, it is very easy to slow down or accelerate when you want, if you are running at high intensity intervals, but it’s quite different when something forces you to do it. If your goal is to have the most successful running training, the track is much better for that purpose.

  • When you want to protect your skin
Running in the open and constant exposure to the sun or other weather conditions (wind, cold, slippery ground) can adversely affect not only the body but also the skin. Polluted air, which can affect overall health, should not be overlooked.
  • When not running long ago

If you have taken a long break from running and have decided to “reactivate” in that field, it is better to do so on tape, at least in the beginning. If, for the first time, you want to get started with this kind of physical activity, running a lane in combination with a trainer who gives you advice is a much better choice than starting out on your own, risking injury.