The doctors usually say it’s better if you inherited money rather than a disease from you mother. But genetics are a miracle.

Our genes not only determine our looks and character but also the weaknesses of the organism, genetically predisposed to certain diseases that is. For instance even insomnia doesn’t have to be the result of stress, it can merely be the result of genetics.

So, if we concentrate on the things we can do to help ourselves, than we should talk about prevention. You should really pay your doctor regular visits for certain things, and at the same time get some insight on what’s best to do to prevent them.

Here are 5 diseases we inherit from our mother
  • Osteoporosis is a bone disease.

This makes our bones very fragile and it’s usually present within the female population. Genetics play a crucial role in this.

Osteoporosis usually strikes after menopause, when the bones have lost a significant amount of calcium. The best thing you can do is prevention – take as much calcium as you can from various sources and bear in mind that this is especially absorbed by the body when combined with Vitamin D. If it’s caused by genetics, the risk of osteoporosis is increased by 14% if you consume a lot of beverages with gas in them. Try to stay fit and exercise regularly.


  • Premature aging

Scientists have discovered a certain group of genes which are responsible for how long we preserve and keep our young looks. They are transferred from one generation to another via the mother. There is a possibility the damaged DNA is transferred which accelerates the aging process.

Scientists haven’t discovered yet how to avert this, but it’s necessary for you to use creams with a high protection from sun. Sensitiveness to sun exposure is also inherited.

  • Depression

On a yearly level. 300 million people suffer from depression, and recently was discovered females are very much subject to this mental condition. Science has discovered one of the factors for this and that is a gene with name SLC6A15. This gene is inherited.

Depression is cured but we’ll need to look for professional help.

  • Glaucoma

Glaucoma is very common within the female population. The genetic mutations which cause the disease are inherited.

Again the thing you can do for this is prevention.

You should visit your eye doctor every 2-4 years until you are 40. After 40 you should do regular checkups every 1-3 years.  It’s very important you exercise regularly or jogging. If possible 3 or more times on a weekly basis.

  • Cardiovascular diseases

Storing fats within the female population is genetically predetermined. It’s typically in the stomach area, and it’s a risk for developing heart diseases, in fact the risk is doubled. This is also connected with the levels of cholesterol and fats within your blood vessels. These can cause hypertension, diabetes or a heart attack.

You should exercise regularly, eat healthy foods and stop smoking if you are a smoker. Don’t forget lower consumption of alcohol can certainly do you good with this.

From the above said prevention is always most important. It’s very important to discover anything that might be developing in the early stages. That way we are able to react on time and adapt. Pay your doctor regular visits and look after your health.