Not all healthy habits are safe. After the death of a 20 year old bodybuilder in Australia from a protein over dosage, experts have uncovered other habits which we think are healthy but they are really not.

For most people supplements are not dangerous and over dosage is nearly impossible.  The cause of the death was that the deceased had a problem degrading the proteins which has led to his death.

Doctors say that many of the people who have trouble with their kidneys are exposed to risk of getting serious diseases as well as increasing your protein intake abruptly.

These are 4 healthy habits which can quickly become unhealthy
  • Too much water

The body can process the water we drink but it has its limitations. – said D-r Stanley Goldfarb a professor from the University in Pennsylvania.

He also suggests that marathon runners which lose electrolytes and sodium during the race are exposed if after the race they become overhydrated.

  • Too much exercise

D-r David Groner have witnessed patients which have been treated with rhabdomyolysis which is a very serious disease that causes muscle fibers to die from too much exercise.

People which are not in shape and professionals which go overboard are exposed to this disease. In extreme cases it can cause heart and kidney failure as a result of the potassium released within the blood.

Groner advises lots of calories to be taken before exercise and small increase in the intensity to reach the desired level.

  • Curcuma and indian saffron

Even though there’s lots of evidence from the positive effect of curcuma which is one of the biggest chemical compounds of the indian saffron, there are dangers as well.

For the human body the turmeric in the organism may not accept and can lead to dangerous reactions within the body including anaphylaxis. This is a very serious allergic reaction and comes in the form of an itchy rash, vomiting and low blood pressure.

  • Consuming too much flaxseed

Flax is known to have good medicinal properties, but even it can have negative effect on your body if it’s taken in large quantities. Insoluble flaxseed can be very dangerous – says D-r Dempsey.

There is one compound in ground flaxseed which can turn into cyanide derivative in the body.  Cyanide poisoning can be very dangerous in extreme cases.

The point of this is not to stop consuming flax seeds but to watch out on the quantity. You should pay attention on the intake, and follow what your physician may subscribe.