Your colleague coughs all day, while your kids which you just picked up from school started sneezing. Is it possible for you to protect yourself from the bacteria?

This combination of preventive measures can help you protect yourselves from season viruses and “colds”
  1. Keep your hands clean

We all know this, but it’s true. Very frequently we touch our face with our hands even if we are not aware of this. Frequent wash of hands will protect your eyes, your mouth and nose from bacteria. You need to wash your hands before every meal or preparation of one. This should not stop there, even if you touch any device, picking up cash from the ATM or drinking coffee from you coffee machine, you still need to wash your hands.

This habit should be present from the early days, so as soon as your kids come home from school, wash their hands right away.

You should not rush when washing their hands. You need to spend at least 20 to 30 seconds thoroughly washing them. Simple soap can help you get rid of the bacteria and oil from the skin cells. Use warm water, as it helps soap dissolve more efficiently. You should try to use liquid soap as the regular one can have bacteria on it.

  1. Use hand sanitizer

Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is the best, but using a hand sanitizer when you are not in a position to wash your hands or you just simply the conditions don’t allow it, is still a very good solution. If you don’t have a toilet nearby keep one bottle with you at all times. Clean your hands multiple time throughout the day.

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  1. Clean the surfaces you touch frequently

You should clean the surfaces with which you come in contact with in the day. Clean the mouse, keyboard and your phone in the morning. These devices can gather a lot of bacteria on them, so it’s a very good idea to just clean them in the morning. This is one very effective measure in protecting yourself from unwanted bacteria.

You should pay attention in your home as well. We usually don’t pay attention to these things when we are at home. A lot of bacteria is present in our homes, especially on the fridge handles, remote control or the computer.

  1. Apart from the hygiene advice, you should be good to your body.

Eat, sleep and exercise enough so you can keep you immune system strong. If you are a smoker or you have the tendency of sitting in rooms where people have smoked can harm you. This causes structural changes to our respiratory system and compromises our immune system.