Do you feel it’s happening frequently – you don’t do much, but as soon as you come home you feel tired? Do you feel tired without any particular reason? Well, it’s time you’ve made some changes to your daily routine.

Lack of physical activity

The body’s stamina and vitality improve with physical activity. Research show, 20 minutes a day are enough for regeneration and tendency you feel better and rested.

You don’t drink enough fluids

Even the slightest form of dehydration contributes to fatigue. With this said, try to increase the daily intake of fluids.

Iron deficiency

It’s very common that low levels of iron cause general fatigue. It worsens concentration levels as well. Increase you daily intake of iron with consuming: cocoa, beans, eggs, green vegetables and peanut oil.

You spend too much time on your phone

Phone screens contribute to general fatigue as well. It definitely has a negative effect on vision and can damage your eyes.