There are lots of great reasons why you should quit smoking. You should know that not only does smoking affect you, but it affects all those around you. Should you choose to stop smoking, refer back to these reasons when you are in need of extra motivation.

  1. You would live longer

According to recent studies, people who quit smoking live longer. Even if you quit smoking when you are 60 it’s not too late. Many people might think – damage has been done already. But your life will be extended. If you stop smoking in your thirties when your life span would be extended by 10 years. Long life means more time with your friends and family. This goes for your hobbies and things you haven’t been able to do up to that point. Non-smokers catch fewer diseases which means less time spent at the doctor’s office.

  • You’ll be able to breath with full chest
In 9 months after you quit smoking, your lung capacity will be improved by 10%. You will not notice this until you start running or doing sports. After 2 to 12 years after quitting your blood circulation will be improved as well you’ll get an energy boost.
  • Your skin will look nicer

White teeth, nails and skin without yellow spots. No more explanation is needed. But even more things are present. Smokers tend to have more problems with gums so they spend more time at the dentist and whitening their teeth. All of us want to spend less time at the dentist.

  • You would look younger longer

According to some data, smokers’ skin gets old and wrinkles show up. This is 3 times more when compared to non-smokers. Smoking can add 10 to 20 years on your face. Non-smokers have 3 to 6 times lower chance for their hair to go grey or lose it altogether. If you stop smoking not only you would live longer but you’ll look younger too.

  • You’ll save some money

If you take into consideration the average price of cigarettes you would be able to save a lot more money. Imagine what you can do with that money. You can renew your wardrobe or go on a trip.

  • You’ll become more appealing

Not just because of great skin and teeth. According to studies non-smokers have been graded as 3 times more attractive than smokers. This may due to the fact that non-smokers smell fresh and not smoky. In a study conducted in Canada, 56% from all the participants have said they wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a smoker. 20% have mentioned they know someone who has ended a relationship because of smoking.

  • You litter less
Less smoke means less carbon monoxide. But that’s not all. You are aware that for the production of cigarettes, trees are being cut down, and lots of animals’ shelters with them. Not only you would do good for yourself if you quit smoking but for the planet as well.
  • You would have less pesticides in your body

You should be aware that certain pesticides which are used for the tobacco survive burning and during smoking you are ingesting them into your system.

  • Less stressed people in your everyday life

You shouldn’t constantly listen to the fact you should quit smoking. You can brag that you have done that yourself. Additionally you wouldn’t have to be in the cold anymore or stand in the rain near your workplace so you can have a cigarette. You won’t get anxious during meetings.

  1. Your sexual life will improve

This is the icing on the cake. As we mentioned quitting smoking improves blood circulation which improves your performance as well. Women tend to get stronger orgasms and men get hard erections. All of this can improve your sex life.