Many people ignore some of the symptoms that the body sends and thus endanger their health. Never put yourself in such a situation. These are the symptoms that you should not ignore.

Pressure in the jaw

In a heart attack, chest pain is not always present, and symptoms can include jaw pressure, severe neck pain, and extreme fatigue.

Swollen lips

Swollen lips and itching can be symptoms of anaphylactic shock, the deadliest allergic reaction. Swelling of the lips can clog the airways and should therefore not be ignored.

Difficult speech

Mixing words and speech can be symptoms of a stroke.

Sudden flash of light

If this symptom occurs at once, corneal damage may occur and failure to respond in time may lead to permanent vision damage.

Nails that look weird

These nails are associated with anemia, liver or heart problems, while blue nails indicate that you do not have enough oxygen, that is, lung or oxygen problems.

Change of handwriting

It sounds weird and harmless, but if your handwriting has changed and you have begun to write larger, smaller or significantly different, this can be a sign of a neurological problem, such as Alzheimer’s or Perkins disease, and even brain tumor.

Coughing at night

If you cough constantly at night and are not recovering from a cold, asthma or the like, coughing can be an early sign of heart problems, and it may be that your lungs may collect fluid that you lie on for longer. it irritates you to cough.

Terribly severe headache

The headache that patients describe as “the most severe headache ever” that occurs suddenly, can be a symptom of brain bleeding, blood vessel cracking, stroke or meningitis.

Excessive sweating at night

Unless you are in menopause, excessive sweating at night can be a symptom of bowel cancer, lymphoma or leukemia.

Inexplicable weight loss

If you have not made any changes to your diet or exercise and are still losing weight, see your doctor. This can be a symptom of a number of health problems, including cancer.